Add cover or thumbnail image to MP3

Today I will show you “How to How to set  front cover or thumbnail image to MP3”. It is very easy to set cover image/picture. You can also set cover image in many ways. But
I will show you how to change MP3 cover image easily using 
MP3 Tag. First download it from this link.
Then follow these steps.
Step 1:
Install and open MP3 tag.
Step 2:
Add Mp3 / songs by drag in this list.

Step 3:
Select image and right click on this icon. Then click add cover and brows your image.

Step 4:
Select your image and click ok. After doing all this click save button to save cover image.

Close MP3 tag and check your mp3 cover. Now you are done.
You can change cover type by following step 3. You can change/add many songs cover at a time using this software having without any trouble.

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