How to change Drive icon

This is very easy to change drive icon and USB drive icon. You will need just one thing to write. Then you will need some icon for your drive. After a minute you will be able to change your drive icon. Read this post if you really want to change your drive icon. Just follow some steps.

  • step 1: Open your Note pad.

  • step 2: Then write this codes, [without these " " ]

" [Autorun]


Icon=drive.ico ''

step 3: Replace this codes

drive [your drive name]

drive.ico [your icon name ]

  • Step 4: Now save this note as autorun.inf

  • Step 5: send your icon & that autorun.inf in that drive.

You are done. Now restart your PC and enjoy.

+++ END +++

Comment if you need any Help.


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