How to make Bootable Pendrive

Install Windows using Pendrive in 5 minutes


We may not know how to install windows through pendrive. DVD drive can not read or corrupt. How to install Windows via pendrive
 which I'll show you. This method does not require any software. Just follow some steps to make pendrive Bootable in 5 minutes.
So let's get started.

Step 1:

Open the command prompt by typing CMD from the run. (If open as administrator) The type '' Diskpart '' 

Note: If you do not have to download software from diskpart

Step 2:

The type '' list disk ''  

Here are my PC disk in your computer's USB device is Disk 4

Step 3:

This type '' Select disk 4 '' ( this number is your pendrive  ) 

Step 4:

 Type '' Clean '' 

Step 5:

Select the primary partition of your USB drive, type create partition primary.

Step 6:

Type '' active '' 

Step 7:

I convert my USB partition as FAT32.

Type '' format fs = fat32 quick '' 

Step 8:

Now Type '' assign '' 

Step 9:

Now Copy and paste the Windows 7 installation file to your USB drive. The only copy of your Windows 7 USB Installation Drive I will be ready.

This is it. So try this 


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